Monday, July 12, 2010

Stevie Wonder: Superstition (live)

I always loved Stevie, but I'm really lovin' him now. Dig this: Stevie on Sesame Street. That's right. Sesame Street. Doing a nearly seven minute version of Superstition without muppet interventions. And it's clear he's lovin' the whole fuzzy vibe; hear his shout outs to the "Street" in the song's latter third. (And take note of the kid feelin' it at the top of the stairs.)

Seven minutes of live Stevie Wonder on any program, much less one for children, is unconscionable by today's standards of American broadcasting. But back in 1972 (from whence this appearance came), thankfully, such was not the case.

Props to the blog Industry Shakedown for the tip.

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