Monday, April 11, 2011

Tina Turner 1969

This excerpt is from the doc Gimme Shelter; More input from The Stones early experiments with avant cinema. Ike and Tina joined the tour as openers. Take special note of Tina's hands here. Her tongue is also used to good effect. I think she sings a little, too.


Anyway, IMHO Tina may be the best all around female rock and roll singer that ever was. It's arguable, sure, but her voice probably had more range, power, and versatility than anyone's. Plus, she danced like a hurricane. And there's other stuff, like what she does above. She was unstoppable. Janis Joplin was great too, she even had the much better material. (Tina was always a little too Vegas.) And both probably owe a debt to Etta James and others. But, for me,
all added up: Tina was it.

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ink stain inc. said...

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Ahhh, the sound of explicitness during the sexual amazing curated piece of music, thank you!