Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fall: Olden and golden

Operating since '76, The Fall was at the beginning of the so-called "post-punk" era. Since then, they've released 28 studio albums (among many others). Mark E. Smith — the band's svengali and only consistent member — along with whoever can stand him at the moment, may now resemble your grandfather, but only if your grandfather might smell like the back bar at The Tattle Tale. (Though, lest you get the wrong idea, one of the comely female bandmates in the video is in fact his wife, his dissolute appearance not withstanding.) He once played a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed Jesus on the BBC (fans might consider that type-casting). The Fall was said to be John Peel's favorite band. In the band's heyday their sound was described as abrasive and repetitious, as was Mark E. Smith. Despite Bury's comparative mellowness from aging, its power is none the less for it.

I think it's brilliant.

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