Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grinderman, Nick Cave, & Doing Without

Old guys rock.

Well, some do. Certainly you could include Iggy and Nick Cave in the category. As for Nick Cave, see him shout, screech, and scream with the singing as he works through this dirgey lament with all the fresh rage of a younger man with something to prove. Even at his ripe Grecian Formula-ed age of 56, Cave can still radiate his signature rough energy while his throaty power, if anything, has only gained with age. This is no lion in winter, people; unlike the climatic changes for most of his contemporaries, it appears to still be very much spring in Caveville.

Cave flippantly described the song's lyric as a reaction to his not getting any while he wore a mustache. As for the rest of us, its message of the body and face––and some of the fire down below––slackening with age and its effect on potential tapping should resonate. Making it all worse is the fact that those dumb, blind creatures that are our hearts still want what they want––that much doesn't change. With No Pussy Blues Cave makes an excellent case for how in the end, the pussy question never quite gets reconciled. It's the reason so many older guys resort to spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, chanting, and even religion (god forbid!): it provides a hammer to all those nails of desire that still stick up and torture us.

Young men, you'll know soon enough....

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