Monday, June 10, 2013

Romanian Sexy

Romanian Sandu Ciorba has his own vision of sexy and he's going to show it to you.

Apparently, his sexy is also going viral. Check YouTube and you'll see that his video output is loaded with similar lycra-wrapped cheesecake. On this one he seems to have gone slightly more pansexual with the addition of some tattooed beef to go with the cheese. Musically it sounds like a low-brow mix of the Middle East and Mexico which may have something to do with his native Romani culture (it was the Romani that brought us Flamenco). The music of the Romani (also more derogatorily known as Gypsy) contains strains of India, Turkey, Greece, and Eastern and Western Europe. Slurring notes are a trademark (technically called glissandi). The ponytailed Ciorba's particular aesthetic—equal parts Borat, MTV, and telenovela—would be right at home in the trailer parks of middle America (though I suspect rednecks would find his rhythms about as acceptable as a black president).

The Gipsy Kings Ciorba it ain't but I'll take Dalibomba over a Flamenco Hotel California anytime.

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