Sunday, October 6, 2013

Does Jenny Rock? Oui.

I love the French. I mean, not the French so much as the idea of the French. They may not have invented kissing but they have as many words for it as Eskimos do for snow (bécot, baiser, bise, bisou, bouche-à-bouchecaresserembrassergalocher, patinrouler une pelle, etc.). The French word for penis? Bistouquette. Sounds delicious, no? Or this one: Chauve à col roulé. "The bald one with the turtleneck." (There's a lot more of those, too.) Masturbation? Branlage. Sounds like a dessert. And any culture that'd create a word like frottage earns my respect.

And then there's Jenny Rock reworking this Deep Purple version of a Joe South song. For this, words fail:

I've since been informed that Ms. Rock was Québécois and not French and that much of her work is a kind of banal pop in the mold of France Gall. Still...

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