Monday, April 28, 2014

Sex Pistols Jacked Up!

Imagine a Sex Pistols album that was even rawer, louder, and pissier than the official Never Mind the Bollocks. Well, there was one and it was called Spunk. Spunk was the demo rendition of Bollocks recorded with producer Dave Goodman and original member Glen Matlock. (There seems to be some dispute as to what Matlock's exact role was on Bollocks.) Eventually, the songs would be rerecorded for Bollocks and the rest was history. 

Spunk would be strategically "leaked" in the UK at the same time of Bollocks's release (October of 1977) – though Malcom McClaren would later deny any involvement it does sound awfully très McLarenian, no? While Bollocks was clearly the slicker (if that's even the right word) and more presentable product, arguments have been made for Spunk's superiority. It does have more of that saliva-in-the-veins essence of the Pistols. (The early version of Anarchy in the UK – then called Nookie – is miles more snarly than the official version.) Some of the songs seemed fatigued (e.g. EMI), some would later be relegated as single b-sides (though, No Fun is a blistering stand out), and of course there's no Holidays in the Sun, one of Bollocks's masterpieces.

Is it better than Bollocks? You decide.

YouTube disabled the embedding but you can go here to hear it. (There's also more info on the recording at the link.)

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