Saturday, February 2, 2013

Power Surge: Prisoner (Love Theme from The Eyes of Laura Mars)

OMG! Where to begin? A bubble-gum hair metal band takes on a minor Streisand gobbet ca. 1991: Words will not suffice. Hear for yourself:

From deep within the dusty bowels of the waning metal years is the Long Island bar band Power Surge. (Google searches offered no history.) Clearly, they are a band that understood Spinal Tap as a template and not a parody. (My wife had friends in bands like these.) The band's vocal stylist Corey Bond, whose squeal imagines a cross of Bruce Dickinson with Geddy Lee tased and has a vibrato with swells that could splash over the deck of the Titanic. His castrato upper register is impressive and muscular yet his hapless uvula has a habit of going rogue at times. Some of the upper register notes get flattened into linguini shapes. Poodle-cut guitarist Michael Klotz solos like a ream of Berlitz Hanon finger exercises (though thankfully spares us the shopworn Van Halen tapping), and drummer Tom Pizzela (man, if those aren't Long Island names!) proves his metallic ecstasy by screwing his visage into an ever-present duck face. No mention in the credits of the platinum pretty boy bass player. (Perhaps lost in a later acrimonious Power Surge divorce.) Head banging and devil horns are, of course, de rigueur.

The appropriate soundtrack for cracking twelvers of Rolling Rock and toking on pipes made in shop class.


Heidi M said...

actually, I think words DO deliver justice.

I haven't even listened to the music ('music'?) yet but i believe your epic groundhog's day RSSriff is tattooed into my brain.

you might be having too much fun,


Stephen R. Wolcott said...

Gotta remember to read this blog more often. Quite the gifted wordsmith!