Monday, November 4, 2013


Tom Thum: The Michael Jackson is corny but the didgeridoo is brilliant.

Reggie Watts is a genius and proves that music is much more and much less than you think:

"Three Beats for Beatbox Flute" by Greg Pattillo: Going new places.

Guy turns kitchen into giant synthesizer:

That fusty old tool of lederhosen-wearing oompah bands, ultra-square band leaders, and other musical misfits, just got totally sexed up. 

Meet Greek babe Zoe Tiganouria. Before Zoe, you may not have noticed the accordion required so much spreading of the legs to play – a point made very clear here. While she may be pushing perceptions of the accordion, her boundaries aren't musical: where that's concerned you'll find she's firmly in the middle-of-the-road. That aside, she's a lot more than a spike-heeled and pouty-lipped tart – she's got chops. If her larded résumé is any indication, she's played with a who's who of Greek musical elite and has even clocked some time with James Brown (!). She may be the instruments first superstar, at least for the Cyrillic parts of the world. 

A little off theme but I just love this piece: Horowitz and Sriabin proving that the piano my be the best drum ever created: the beatbox abstracted.

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