Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Whitey Powers

We spend much of our time on Jelly Roll touting music of a certain vintage. But we also listen to more contemporary music on occasion. (I'm a father of a teenager, I'm subject to hearing all kinds of, er, product. Especially on long car rides.) And once in a while we come across something we like:

His name is Nathan Joseph White, his nom de musique is Whitey. His recent demurral written to a large production company wanting free use of his music free went viral. (His music has been featured in films and television shows like Breaking Bad and Grand Theft Auto IV.) He tried going the traditional music industry route with the release of his album but in his disgust decided to go his own way with Bandcamp. We like what we're hearing (admittedly, it does have a kind of retro appeal). Maybe you will too. The album for your delectation is linked below. Buy it from Bandcamp here.

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