Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blasphemy R Us

Apparently, Katy Perry has gotten into holy hot water. The hypersensitive fundamentalists of the Muslim world claim she has insulted their religion. See the alleged crime unfold at 1:15: 

Muslims are upset because at one point in the video a man wearing a pendant with the word ‘Allah’ written in Arabic is zapped by Perry, and disintegrates. In the light hearted pop video Perry plays a campy Egyptian queen who rejects suitors by zapping them with lightning and turning them into sand.

It's obvious that this was intended as no more than a silly pop confection. Its make-believe and loose historicity should confuse no one. I suppose the case could be made that the reference to Islam (blink and you'll miss it), while weak and possibly innocent, was intentional. The offended claim that as Katy Perry/Cleopatra dissolves the hapless man wearing the pendant into dust, she "appears to be representing an opposition of God" as she "engulfs the believer and the word God in flames."

In any event, view the video (the song isn't half bad, you know, as far as these things go), add to its over 34 million plus viewings and help to tell the fundy religious prigs of the world who want the video taken down to STFU.

Thanks to Patheos and Digital Spy.

Update: Katy Perry attempts to avoid fatwā and has video edited to remove offending pendant. *Sigh*

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