Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prepare to Be Dumbfounded

The group's name is Babymetal. They're a mixture of death metal and J-pop. They're precious as hell. The rhythm track should leave a black skidmark down the middle of your brain while the vocals and effervescent melody add a layer of caffeinated corn syrup.

The most death metal of the lot: Here, they pose in ruffly white dresses while a satanic voice chants "Death! Death! Death!" Coming at you on a cresting wave of jail bait sugar.

Here's a more serious Irish version from the '90s: This woefully underrated band was Scheer and they hailed from County Derry, Northern Ireland. Cute girly vocals over dueling chainsaw guitars.

Hear the whole album here. It's a good one.

Via The Daily Dot.

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