Thursday, May 23, 2013

There's More to Dudley

For those who don't know, the Most ExcellentDudley Moore (d. 2002) was known in the U.S. primarily as an actor and comedian with a few hit movies and several tall girlfriends. His comedic work on British telly in the '60s was legendary and would influence at least one other similarly inclined outfit, Monty Python.

*While not knighted, the Queenie did pin him with the honor of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Larfs aside, Moore was also a musician with some mad skills. In fact, music was where he began his professional career at age 14. In college studied the organ on scholarship and would play with his own jazz trio for many years. The career that he would be famous for began while working as a musician, producers noticing his impeccable comedic timing. He was soon pulled from the stool to go toe-to-toe with British comedy's "leading light" Peter Cook.

But as you'll see here, Moore also knew his way around a long hair tune and could put the feather to an otherwise dour Schubert lieder. See here as he "plays with himself":

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