Friday, May 10, 2013

So Much Closer than MTV

Sepia-toned delights abound: a frustrated monkey bound on a crucifix, disembodied and mounted animal parts, some female nudity, levitation, a setting of implied rough sex at the slaughterhouse, and a Brothers' Quay style steampunk aesthetic––a style reminiscent of the French film Delicatessen that would've preceded this by three years and a film that hipsters like Reznor would've surely been aware. 

Closer was director Mark Romenak's vision (he was best known as the director of One Hour Photo with Robin Williams) and this was his full-flavored Director's Cut of the 1994 song of the same name, AKA the I Want to F**k You Like an Animal song

If you caught a version of this back in the day when MTV was still MTV, you can be assured it wasn't this one.

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