Tuesday, May 14, 2013

These Are What Subversives Look Like?

 World renowned subversives and Putin critics Pussy Riot seen here awaiting trial in a cage. 

So, this unassuming three represent a threat to a world nuclear power? 

In that way they're not so unlike that black seamstress who refused to give up her seat on the bus or the Tunisian street vender who protested by setting himself on fire to began a multi-nation chain reaction. It's awesome how much power can be wielded within the relatively small human scale of big ideas. As Ghandi proved, one person's idea––in his case, non-cooperation––can be a weapon sufficient for destroying an empire when transferred through enough bodies. Below is another small idea, here projected through loud voices and loud guitars, laid at Putin's trembling feet by the three women above. He's right to tremble. 

Let's hope there are more ideas to come.

Anyway, this is what Pussy Riot sounds like. The language is Russian but the attitude is clear. Go sistas.

An update to their story in their own words, herePeople fear us because we're feminists.

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