Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Norwegian Funny

One of the jobs here at Jellyroll is to bring the viral to you—grayhead and pop culture marginals—who may not have otherwise been aware of some of the timewasters circulating through your beleaguered culture. Right now this could be standing between you and your working toward your dreams.

Anyway, this video is presently blowing up meme-scale and it's by a Norwegian duo that may be Scandanavia's answer to Flight of the Concords, Ylvis. (They have a chat style television show on Norwegian television.) If you haven't seen The Fox, see it here: I think don't get the fuss myself but the wife thought it was larfs aplenty.

And here's another: I prefer this one to The Fox. Is Ylvis funny? I can't help but think a little something is getting lost in translation. Besides, The Smothers Brothers are more my cup of tea. But you be the judge:

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