Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tom Jones Forsakes Vegas and Kills

That's Sir Thomas John Woodward AKA Tom throw-your-panties-at-me Jones AKA Mista Jones with thirty-six Top 40 hits and seller of over 100 million records leaving his Vegas schtick behind and joining CSNY on stage to testify his ass off (and pulls Stephen Stills up a few notches too). Long Time Gone never shredded like this.

Reportedly (not found on his Wiki page), Sir Tom played with a blues band called The Squires in the early sixties and was well known to the pre-fame wave of Brit blues rockers. (I can't find any Google corroboration.) Tom could go Cavern Club if he wanted but probably figured out early on that the stacks of panties were higher in Vegas. No doubt had Tom spent more time in Memphis and less time frontin' variety show orchestras his soul shouting bona fides, to use an Elvis analogy, might've been more black leather than white. To wit:

Tom rocking the Beatle boots and DA comb back. Here's the Tom we all remember, playin' to the ladies and wringing every drippy spoonful out of a mawkish ballad but still killin' but in more of an American Idol sort of way.

Tom could've been great. Instead, he chose successful. Too bad.

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