Monday, September 2, 2013

Screaming Memes, etc

(Source: The Sourpuss)

Devo officially released the inspiration for their Are We Not Men? album cover. According to their version, golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez was contacted about the use of his image. He apparently was enthused about the prospect and made the band to promise to give him copies of the record to hand out to friends, etc. When the album was released Rodriguez was disappointed to see the image had been altered. (A mash-up of four presidents was added to the golfer's likeness.)

(Thanks to Art Chantry for the heads up.)

In what surely must be a seal of the coming apocalypse, Disney has released a t-shirt that plays on— that's right—the first Joy Division album cover. (The fact that the band's name was Joy Division should've been enough to give them pause.)

Anybody remember how those early portable CD player's skipped all over hell during car rides? The mind reels at the prospects here:

Ever wonder what that stuff is they made Keith Richards out of? (The same material as those aircraft black boxes?) Lemmy may be made out of it too.

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